"Command that in no way there be in your household any who make strife, discord or divisions in the hostel, but all shall be of one accord, of one will as of one heart and one soul".

Robert Grossetestte

We offer hostel rooms at affordable prices without burning your pockets.
At Prakash Hostel discover an atmosphere that combines the finesse of a five star hotel with ambience of serenity.
Hostel Rooms: We provide well furnished and spacious rooms and each room is equipped with beds, cupboards, chairs and 24*7 hot water facility, is also provided.

Room Rates

Room Type Non - A/c
Single Occupancy Rs. 12,000
Double Sharing Rs. 7,200
Three Sharing Rs. 6,200
Four Sharing Rs. 5,500
Five Sharing Rs. 5,000

All the above rates are per month, per person and Air Conditioner will charge Rs. 3000 per person, per month

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